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Whether you're planning an intimate backyard wedding or a larger celebration, I'm ready with my camera. My full attention is on you. It's all about emotion, having fun and creating memories that last a lifetime.


My name is René Schröder and I am a wedding and portrait photographer from Berlin.

I studied photojournalism and documentary photography

and have been accompanying bridal couples on their big day for more than 8 years .

Wedding photography allows me to not only create visual memories, but also tell stories.

Every wedding is a unique narrative shaped by the love of two people. Through my photography,

I can capture the subtle nuances that make these stories so individual and moving.

It's about capturing not only the obvious happiness, but also the quiet, meaningful moments -

a loving smile, a tender look, a casual gesture that shows a deep connection.

The challenge of capturing the essence and beauty of a wedding day is a source of constant inspiration for me.

Each assignment is an opportunity to get creative,

find innovative perspectives and capture the magic of the moment. Wedding photography challenges me to constantly evolve and hone my skills to capture the unique character of each couple.

It is not only the art of photography that fascinates me, but also the emotional connection that develops during a wedding. As a wedding photographer, I am not only a neutral observer, but often a confidant who is present in intimate moments. This connection with the couples allows me to capture authentic emotions and tell a story that is profound and personal.

The love of wedding photography also comes with the responsibility of creating memories that last a lifetime.

My images become a testimony to the love that was celebrated on that special day.

It fills me with pride and joy to know that my work is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also has a lasting meaning for the couples I am privileged to accompany.

Overall, I love wedding photography because it gives me the opportunity to be a part of the happiest days in others' lives and transform those moments into timeless works of art. It's a journey of creativity, emotion and connection that continues to reignite my passion for photography.

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Wedding photographer


Wedding photographer Berlin

Getting to know each other

Do you like my photos and would you like to get to know me? Do you have questions about the packages, the process, the wedding report or individual requests? Feel free to send me a message and we will find an appointment for a personal or digital conversation as soon as possible. We will then discuss all your questions and you can tell me about your plans.

Wedding photographer Berlin

Your big day

Wedding photographer Berlin

We work together

Great, you've chosen me! Then I'll create a contract for you, which I'll send you with all the details to sign. Once I've returned it and received your deposit, the appointment is firmly booked. Before your big day, we'll go through your schedule together and clarify exactly which groups should be photographed, where your couple shoot can take place and what your wishes are.

Wedding photographer Berlin

Our conclusion

I will be there in good time on your big day and look forward to being your photographer! We have discussed the details, but there can always be changes, which I will of course take into account. I will also be there for your maid of honour and maid of honour. Otherwise I will stay in the background. The day after the wedding I will provide you with a handful of images digitally.

I will professionally edit your photos. After about 2-3 weeks, I will send you the link to your online gallery, which you can share with your loved ones. Depending on which package you have booked, you will also receive your selected photos as high-quality prints sent to your home by post.


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